Take 2 Advanced Audition/ Scene Study Class with Bart Anderson

Three of Jacqui's most successful students: Cameron Bright, The Twilight Saga, Sarah Grey, The Wrong Girl and Colin Ford, Under The Dome, Justin Chatwin, American Gothic.

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This Advanced Scene Study Course is for the Intermediate Actor who is completely invested in a professional acting career.

This actor is proficient in all essential techniques and has a proven level of training that would qualify him/her to study with a deeper connection to character development. 

Advanced audition skills, character analysis, scene study, understanding camera and continuity preparing you for the next stage in your career.

Students must have completed a foundation course with Spotlight Academy, or be invited from a taped audition.

Bart Anderson

April 26th - May 31st 2018 
6 - 9 pm

Location:- Hub City Cinema Society


Six straight classes: $285 plus tax.

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