Guest Instructors

Catherine Falcon

Catherin Falcon, Casting Director

Falcon Casting was established 16 years ago by Catherine Falcon. In that time Falcon Casting has cast hundreds of television commercials, as well as episodic television, reality programming, music and promotional videos.




Lynne Carrow

Lynne Carrow, casting director

Lynne Carrow brings over 30 years of experience as a casting director to explain what really goes on in a casting session, helping to de-mystify the experience and ensuring the actor will be relaxed and confident in the audition room.

Lynne is one of Canada's best known and trusted casting directors.

She won a Gemini Award for Best Casting for her work on the CBC television series Intelligence.

She also won a Casting Society of America Award for her work on the CBS miniseries of Truman Capote's In Cold Blood.


Noni Bartlett

Noni Bartlett

Noni Bartlett's involvement in the acting industry came later in life. After marrying and having three children she decided to follow an important goal on her bucket list so enrolled in acting school. She studied four years at the William Davis Centre for actor's study in Vancouver and completed a further year focussed on voice and clown movement.

She then relocated to Los Angeles for four years during which time she enjoyed the challenging role as Artistic Director of the Women's Theatre Company of Los Angeles for two years. She also studied singing as well as attended several terms at the famed Groundlings Improv School where many well known comedians such as Will Ferrell, Cheryl Hines, Kristen Wig, Phil Hartman, Lisa Kudrow and Melissa McCarthy, to name a few, honed their comedic skills.

Upon returning to Canada Noni pursued musical theatre and independent film. She paused those interests for a period of time to study singing with Christine McMahon and Sharon Wishart. Now she is actively involved with Spotlight Academy as a Background Coordinator for local film. As well, with her son Biff, a fellow thespian, she teaches the fundamentals of acting to children in order to prepare them for making their dreams come true!

Tony Alcantar

Tony Alcanter

Tony Alcantar is an internationally renowned Dialect Coach based in Vancouver. He has worked with some of Hollywood's biggest stars including Halle Berry, Nathan Fillion, Sam Rockwell, Julia Ormond, Elizabeth Banks, Jenna Fischer, Bob Odenkirk and Stellan Skarsgard. His recent work with Martin Freeman, Billy Bob Thornton, Colin Hanks and the rest of the cast of FX's hit show Fargo is receiving high praise and recognition.

Born and raised in Chicago, Tony received his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Fine Arts in Acting and Theatre from Chicago's Roosevelt University, studying under Chicago's premiere dialect coach Belinda Bremmer.

His post-graduate training includes an extensive knowledge and practice of the Middle Eastern, Asian, Russian, French, German, Spanish and Yiddish accents as well as the English dialects of Cockney, Standard British, Scottish, Irish, New York, American East Coast, Chicago, Midwest, and Southern.

Tony is an alumnus from the world-famous The Second City theatre where for two years he performed a variety of these accents and dialects in his performances. These dialects and accents have served him well, as he is an accomplished voiceover actor who can be heard in a variety of animated TV series, features and video games.

Tony has been holding sold-out dialect workshops at UBCP since 2004 and teaches dialects at Vancouver Acting School, Improv-Chicago and trains actors one-on-one. He is constantly recommended by Vancouver's top casting directors and frequently works across North America to work on set in cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto and Calgary. American producers and Canadian actors find it beneficial to have an American dialect coach strategically based in Hollywood North.

James Head

James Head

Director James Head was born and raised in Red Deer, Alberta. He did his post-secondary education at Red Deer College and graduated from the photography program at Banff School of Fine Arts in 1980. He has been in the film industry since 1982, beginning as a camera assistant then operator, Director of Photography.

He turned to directing in 1992 with the first of many television commercials as well as action units on many television series and movies. Since 1994 James has been directing a variety of television productions including Dead Zone, Battlestar Galactica, Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. Cable Beach was James' first feature film as a director. Most recently James has been directing children and teen drama TV for The Haunting Hour and Spooksville.

James has also been the executive producer on three highly rated Canadian feature films including Bruce McDonald's film Hard Core Logo which won the Best Canadian Film award at the Vancouver International Film Festival, Audience Awards at the Rotterdam and Norway Film Festivals and received six Genie Award Nominations including Best Picture. The film was also screened at Cannes, London and Sydney Film Festival and was released by Miramax in the U.S. He was also the Executive Producer on Rupert's Land (which was directed by Jonathan Tammuz, screened at the Vancouver and Toronto International Film Festivals and was nominated for five Genie Awards including Best Picture) and Kitchen Party (Gary Burns's film that won the Audience Awards at Rotterdam and Venice Film Festival, screened at Vancouver, Toronto and Turn International Film Festivals, and at the New Directors/New Film Series, MOMA).

Known for his creative storytelling, James Head has been described an 'actors' director'. He is most proud of his wife, Christine Walsh and children, Eric, Sarah and Coleridge; and says, "Without a doubt, they are the centre of my universe and for whom I dedicate each and every film project that I do."

Nicole Busby

Nicole Busby

Nicole Busby is a well known local actress and is thrilled to be teaching acting to our youngest performers!

Trained at the Theatre Centre, Spotlight Academy, VIU and York University Nicole is well versed in the internal processes of performance as well as the details of production. She has taught classes with the Artists in the Schools program, the After School Sports and Arts Initiative, Arts Alive Summer School of the Arts and as part of the Life Works team through Nanaimo Family Life Association. Her film work includes the independent film Passion, a volksmovie production, as well as hosting several educational videos. She has also performed in many of Western Edge Theatre's productions starring in Savage in Limbo, Dreamland Saturday Nights, Night of Shooting Stars, Shakespeare's Will, How I Learned to Drive, Boston Marriage and many others.

Nicole loves working with children to nurture their own creative impulses in a safe, inclusive, fun environment while giving them the experience necessary to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Kyla Habazin

Kyla Habazin, Modelling and Wellness coach at Spotlight Academy

Originally from Duncan, BC, now based in Vancouver, Kyla Habazin has been in the modelling industry for over five years. As a former acting student at Spotlight Academy, Kyla started modelling locally in Victoria with Barbara Coultish Management. Kyla quickly began working and later travelled to Japan on her first contract at age 17.

Now signed with Next Models Canada, Kyla has successfully worked in Vancouver, Shanghai, Singapore, Japan and Seattle. Clients include: Sitka, Elle China, Olympus Cameras, Nordstrom and Fiat.

Now also a certified health coach, Kyla is determined to bring a perspective of health and wellness to an industry known for pushing women to the extremes of eating disorders.

Despite the ups and downs of such a fast-paced and sometimes brutal industry, Kyla has always kept a positive perspective, believing that with the right outlook and ambition, anything is possible.

Kyla now instructs in the Spotlight Academy Modelling Clinics.

Mackenzie Gray

Mackenzie Gray

Mackenzie Gray was born and raised in Toronto. A professional actor for over 35 years, he has appeared in over 150 films and television shows and has acted in or directed over 100 plays.

Mackenzie can be seen this season on Fargo and the new DC Comics series Legends of Tomorrow. He was seen as the Kryptonian JAX-UR, in the Zack Snyder Superman film Man of Steel and n Metallica: Through the Never as the band's Tour Manager.

Since moving to Vancouver as a series lead for The Net, he has appeared in guest star and lead roles in many TV series, including Supernatural, The Haunting Hour, Psych, Fringe, Alcatraz, Smallville, Da Vinci's Inquest, The Collector, First Wave and countless TV movies.

Cult fans know him from Grave Encounters and The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. He is also well known for his many animation characters, including Obadiah Stane in Ironman.

He co-produced, co-wrote and acted in the upcoming feature film Charon's Toll, and the award-winning feature film Poe: Last Days of the Raven. Mackenzie has written, produced and directed seven short films. His Crazy 8's Film Noir short, Under the Bridge of Fear, was just shown at The Cannes Film Festival, the Vancouver International Film Festival, the Whistler Film Festival and was broadcast by the CBC.

Mackenzie has been nominated for many awards and recently won two Leo Awards for his guest star work on the TV series Spooksville and Bitten.

He will soon be seen in the upcoming blockbuster film Warcraft.

Kathleen Mayrs ( Widdows )

Kathleen Mayrs is one of Vancouver’s leading Commercial Casting Directors. With over 23 years of experience and having cast thousands of commercials, her expertise of the Lower Mainland’s talent pool is comprehensive and first-class. Kathleen is committed to her clients, passionate about her work, and loves a challenge. She takes pride in her ability to seek out and cast the toughest roles.



Sarah Wayne Callies



Sarah Wayne Callies

Sarah Wayne Callies made an indelible impression on television audiences around the world as Lori Grimes in the acclaimed series The Walking Dead and Dr. Sara Tancredi in Prison Break. Other television appearances include House, Queens Supreme, Tarzan, Law and Order: SVU, Numb3rs, The Secret Service, LA Dragnet and Tangled which she co-produced.

Feature credits include Black November, the first film ever to be screened for the United Nations General Assembly, as well as The Celestine Prophecy, Foreverland, Whisper, Faces in the Crowd and Lullaby for Pi, in which she also sings an original song for the soundtrack.

Upcoming feature projects include appearing as Alison Stone in the Warner Brothers film Into The Storm and as Maria in the Fox International film The Other Side of the Door.

Currently Callies has two film scripts in development as a writer. Other writing has appeared in the Huffington Post as dispatches from her field work in Myanmar, Jordan, and Iraq with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) as a Voice for the organization.

Callies holds an MFA from the National Theatre Conservatory as well as a BA and Senior Fellowship from Dartmouth College.



Trish Allen

Trish Allen

One of Canada's top Voice and Dialect Coaches, Trish has been teaching Voice, Dialects, Speech and Text for almost 30 years both privately and at UBC, York U, & U of Regina. She has created Voice programs in several private training facilities helping thousands of student and professional actors find their voices; learn to perform in a wide range of dialects; and reduce foreign dialects, improving their speech in English.

In her private coaching practice, Trish is currently concentrating on teaching the Standard American Dialect so necessary for film and TV to a wide range of actors- including several whose unique cultural backgrounds have led them to develop complicated accents. Trish uses her extensive coaching experience, technical knowledge and performer instincts to address not only the general but the nuances in individual accents, helping her clients to discover the differences between the Standard American, (or any accent they are learning) and their own individual speech pattern. She has worked with numerous actors on specific dialect roles both for stage and film and TV; and is currently working with Tony Schiena, the South African star of Darc on his American dialect. Her Standard American Dialect workshops are regularly sold out.

Trish is also an accomplished Actor and Director. Film and TV performances include Bates Motel, I Zombie, Supernatural, The Tomorrow People, Emily Owens MD, The L Word and Shooter. Favourite theatre roles include The Nurse in Romeo and Juliet and Aunt Mae in Italian American Reconciliation. She has also coached more than a hundred student and professional productions.

Originally trained at U of Windsor, Trish performed for several years in the east in theatre, radio, film and TV before returning to full-time training - earning an MFA from York U in Performance while also training as a Voice Teacher with David Smukler. Committed to continuing training, Trish has studied with numerous other teachers in a wide range of disciplines including Voice Training Innovators Kristin Linklater, Patsy Rotenberg, Catherine Fitzmaurice and Richard Armstrong.

In recent years Trish has been working with members of the Business and Coaching communities helping them hone their communication skills. She currently bases her voice and dialect classes and workshops at Rogues West studio.

Peter Kent

A film stunt professional. Peter's association with Arnold Schwarzenegger spanned 14 films over 13 years, as stunt double, friend, workout partner, ski buddy, confidant, chef and dialogue coach.

Read more about Peter Kent's school of hard knocks. See also Peter's Bio and his IMBD listing.

Judy K Lee

Judy K. Lee is a Vancouver native whose work in film has taken her from Los Angeles to the Sierras of Mexico. Her career began as an actor in Hollywood North, expanded into script development and production in Montreal and L.A. before serendipitous twists brought her back to Vancouver.

She has worked on numerous television movies and feature films starring actors such as Donald Sutherland, Charlize Theron, John Cusack and Jake Gyllenhaal and is in the middle of casting several more feature films this year starring notable actors like Danny Glover, Christopher Plummer, Abigail Breslin, Ron Perlman, and Simon Pegg. Judy is currently working on features starring Cuba Gooding Jr. , Tom Sizemore as well as two Canadian features backed by Telefilm.

Edward Rea

Edward's broad industry experience includes everything from production to talent management, consulting to casting and pretty well everything in between. His production credits include the development of a network series, a MOW and directing a pilot. Edward has assisted in the management of talent for almost a decade at various top talent agencies.

In addition, Edward has more than 40 credits casting film and TV projects which include "X Men 2 and Smallville working with such notable names as Madonna, Bryan Singer and Guillermo Del Toro. Currently Edward has returned to casting with numerous shows slated in upcoming months.

Over the past year alone Edward has cast films with such notable names as: Wes Bentley (American Beauty, Hunger Games), Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine), Cameron Bright (Twilight), Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Pacific Rim), Simon Pegg (Shawn of the Dead, Star Trek) & Christopher Plummer (Oscar winner Beginners).

Other Guest Instructors, Past & Present

Casting Directors

Candice Elzinga, Sean Cossey, Heike Brandstatter, Judy Lee, Edward Rea. Sean Milliken, Kris Woznesensky and Karen Ede