1. How does one go about getting an agent for myself or my child?

All legitimate Talent Agents for Film are licensed in BC, and listed on the government website. Do your research. Actors' resume templates are available online, so raise a resume and send with you or your child's headshot to agents of your choice and see if you get any bites!

2. What Does An Agent Do?

Click here to open a PDF with the details. 

3. Do you need professional Headshots?

All Actors have headshots; they are an essential tool for marketing. Headshot packages range from $50 to $500. Again do your research and choose a photographer that gives you a good vibe and shoots to industry standards. It is essential that the headshot looks exactly as your child does and captures his/her uniqueness. Changing their hairstyle frequently or colouring is not advised. Natural is key!

4. Do I or my child need to take Acting Lessons?

In my opinion, every person will deliver a better quality audition if he/she knows what they are doing! Working actors are either working or 'working out' which means classes, workshops and courses. There are many different skills an actor uses: voice, movement, character development through scene study, and audition skills, It's called TALENT for a reason! Natural talent is a gift. Skills to enhance that talent are learned. The greater your talent, the greater the odds. Experience shows itself. Again do your research on EVERYONE teaching the craft. There are so many teachers out there; choose the one who is right for you or your child. IMDB.com is another tool used by industry professionals and a great way to find out who is CURRENT in film. Find a coach that is respected by other industry professionals and one who has a good track record of students who book work consistently.

5. Can I or my child work as an Extra without headshots or training ?

Yes ! You do not need to invest anything to work as an Extra, although I do advise that extras research Set Etiquette online or attend an orientation given periodically by reputable organizations.

6.How long will it take before I, or my child can start to work?

As an Extra: Whenever your age and look is needed, could be immediate, although don't expect to make a 6.00 am call time in Vancouver without going over the night before.

As a Baby: I never recommend getting babies into the industry from the Island. With thousands of cute babies in Vancouver and the ethnic diversity needed to please multicultural audiences it's even more of a crap shoot. Wait until the child develops and shows outgoing qualities, loves the camera, plays dressup and craves the Spotlight (pardon the pun) and shows artistic tendencies or ... simply tells you that they want to be on TV ... over and over again :).

As a Child: Could be as young as four years old if the stars are aligned. My son booked his first commercial from one of his first auditions but this is very unusual and it normally takes numerous trips back and forth to audition. Patience and perseverance are needed for all roles. Normally it takes an adult actor up to two years to book their first job, auditioning consistently with coaching and training, which costs money. A child's journey can be shorter, but never take this for granted. One course of acting classes DOES NOT a Star make. In short, the more you put in as far as effort and preparation is concerned the more you will get out. People get discovered but there is always a journey. Respect the process. and never take things personally. Above all have fun living the dream.